About Us

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Established in 2010, Huzhou YUANTUO transportation equipment Co., Ltd. is located at No. 656, Qixing Road, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is a major domestic supplier of logistics transportation equipment and parts for warehousing industry.

The company produces various types of products: cone roller, power roller, unpowered roller, rubber covered roller and other conveying equipment roller, main turning conveying cone roller and various types of horizontal conveyor, climbing conveyor, vertical conveyor, turning conveyor, screw conveyor, clamping conveyor, suspension conveyor, turnover conveyor, rotary conveyor and chain plate conveyor Combined with space, production capacity, process requirements and control needs, the specialization and automation of production logistics can be realized.

The types of accessories distributed by the company: chain plate, chain mesh, sprocket, friction bar, white iron framework, aluminum rail, ball guardrail, guardrail bracket, guardrail clip, tripod, foot and foot sleeve, connector, supporting wheel and bracket, guide rail, screw and star wheel and other conveyor accessories, mainly made of imported raw materials, are molded and processed according to standards, which greatly improves the standardization degree of conveying equipment and reduces the cost It shortens the production time of conveying equipment and improves the price competitiveness of conveying equipment.

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Huzhou YUANTUO has long been committed to product research and development. The company has professional logistics equipment and technical personnel, sales backbone and after-sales service team. All employees have been engaged in the transportation equipment industry for more than five years. Mr. Huang minzhao, general manager, has participated in the technical professional guidance of products. With professional standards and mature technology, he has been fully affirmed by well-known enterprises at home and abroad for the quality, service and team ability of YUANTUO products. The company has the confidence to meet customer needs and reflect customer value. Hope that through our professional level and unremitting efforts, let customers get satisfactory products and attentive service. The company takes "high product quality requirements" as the goal, takes "saving trouble and effort for customers" as the goal, in line with the desire of "common development with customers"; looks forward to sincere cooperation with domestic and foreign users, seeks common development, and creates a brilliant tomorrow for the transportation industry!

Reduce the dust, noise and exhaust gas produced by various conveyors during operation.