What are the characteristics of a conical roller?

Feb 01, 2024

Among all conveying equipment, the tapered roller is an important standard for the construction of conveying equipment and complies with factory technical standards. If appropriate, select the conveyor equipment first. Choosing appropriate conveying equipment is an important requirement for food factories to choose conveyors. Domestic tapered roller conveyors have not yet produced unified conveyor selection standards, but most domestic tapered rollers are selected through reference designs.


Selection functions of conical roller conveying equipment:

The components and performance parameters of the tapered drum equipment should be compatible with the corresponding processed products and meet the processing requirements of the products. Therefore, during the processing process, the failure of the raw materials themselves and the products must be strictly controlled. In addition, food contamination should be avoided during processing, and the compliance rate of processed foods must be ensured. During the processing of products, it is also necessary to prevent the conical drum from polluting the environment, and to properly treat the waste gas before discharge so that the waste gas meets the emission standards.


The following points should be noted when using tapered roller equipment:

1. The tapered roller has low investment and low commodity cost, but has high production capacity and labor efficiency and long service life.

2. The performance of the tapered drum equipment is very advanced

3. The tapered roller is high-quality and advanced equipment, and the equipment structure is also very reasonable. It is manufactured with better sustainability. The level of mechanization and automation is relatively high, and it has high safety and health requirements.

4. The tapered roller also has a high cost performance and complete functions, but has low operation and maintenance costs, high processing degree and performance, and the equipment runs smoothly.

5. The tapered roller has advanced technology and high technical content, which is conducive to promoting technological progress and enhancing competitiveness. It also helps improve work efficiency, promote new economic growth, and is conducive to the sustainable development of society.

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