• The development direction of conveyor in the future

    Conveyor is one of the main operation tools of modern enterprises, logistics machinery and equipment, is the basis of reasonable organization of mass production and mechanized flow process. For the third party logistics enterprises, the conveyor is the material and technical basis for organizing ...
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  • Causes and preventive measures of belt conveyor slipping

    1. Insufficient belt tension If the belt does not have enough tension, there will not be enough friction driving force between the driving pulley and the belt, and it will not be able to pull the belt and load movement. The tension device of belt conveyor usually includes screw tension, hydraulic...
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  • Working principle of belt conveyor

    The determination of speed is very important for the design of belt conveyor, which is related to the transportation volume and cost. Increasing the belt speed of belt conveyor can improve the conveying capacity. Under the same transportation conditions, a smaller bandwidth can be used, and the l...
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