Causes and preventive measures of belt conveyor slipping

1. Insufficient belt tension

If the belt does not have enough tension, there will not be enough friction driving force between the driving pulley and the belt, and it will not be able to pull the belt and load movement.

The tension device of belt conveyor usually includes screw tension, hydraulic tension, heavy hammer tension and car tension. Insufficient stroke or improper adjustment of screw or hydraulic tension device, insufficient counterweight of heavy hammer tension device and car type tension device, and jam of mechanism will cause insufficient tension of belt conveyor and cause slipping.


1) The belt conveyor with spiral or hydraulic tension structure can increase the tension by adjusting the tension stroke, but sometimes the tension stroke is not enough and the belt has permanent deformation. At this time, a section of the belt can be cut off for vulcanization again.

2) The belt conveyor with heavy hammer tension and car tension structure can be treated by increasing the weight of counterweight or eliminating the jam of mechanism. It should be noted that when increasing the configuration of the tension device, it can be added to the belt without slipping, and it is not appropriate to add too much, so as not to make the belt bear unnecessary excessive tension and reduce its service life.

2. The drive drum is seriously worn

The driving drum of belt conveyor is generally treated with rubber coating or casting, and herringbone or diamond groove will be added on the rubber surface to improve the friction coefficient and increase the friction. After running for a long time, the rubber surface and groove of the driving drum will be seriously worn, which will reduce the friction coefficient and friction of the driving drum surface and cause the belt slipping.

Solution: in case of this situation, the method of re wrapping or replacing the drum should be adopted. In the daily inspection, attention should be paid to the inspection of the wrapping of the drive drum, so as to avoid that the excessive wear can not be found in time, causing the belt slipping and affecting the normal operation.

Post time: Mar-03-2021