Zipper closure 1/4 zip athletic pullovers for men. Stretchy, lightweight, fast-drying fabric for superior performance. REGULAR FIT - US standard sizes. An athletic fit that sits close to the body for a wide range of motion, designed for optimal performance and all day comfort. FEATURES - Quarter zip closure;Thumbholes on long sleeves to keep them in place during workout
Product Overview

Unpowered turning roller conveyor rely on cone roller to complete the goods turn, mainly composed of roller, rack, legs, rod, foot components, with accurate curve, small noise, large volume, portable, convenient maintenance, long service life, is one of the most widely used in the conveyor type. Generally used for the arc transition section of the conveying line, connected with the straight path, can be combined according to the turning Angle requirements.

Main Technical Parameters
technical parameter                 (unit:mm)
 model  SN1021-r*W*H
Roll cylinder specification small head φ38,φ44,φ50,φ57,φ63
Roller cylinder spacing Customizable according to the size of the goods
Roller length 300-1500
Transmission Angle 30°,45°,60°,90°,180°
inside radius 6,007,008,009,001,000
Rack material Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy
landing leg Fixed type, mobile type
load bearing (kg/m) 30-100